What is it?

Geroa is a java library which enables email server functionality, without requiring knowledge of email protocols.

It exposes email protocol operations as methods on a simple API, which can be easily implemented by you. Protocol support currently includes POP and SMTP, but work is underway on IMAP.

Geroa also includes a MimeMessage parser which simplifies manipulating emails which contains text, html and attachments.

What can i do with it?

You can use it to make an email server or, more likely, to add email server capabilities to a web application.

Why would i want to do that?

This can be useful if you need tight integration between email and your web application. Such as in CRM, CMS and email groups systems.

Whats its status?

Geroa is a young project and has only been used for small scale applications. But most of the heavy lifting is done by mature libraries which Geroa uses, such as SubethaSMTP and Aspirin

How do i use it?

The usage pattern is similar to Milton 's. You implement a couple of interfaces which represent your mailboxes (eg users) and email items. Then you implement a MailResourceFactory which locates them. You then configure your MailResourceFactory into Geroa's server and start it. Geroa will then translate actions at the protocol level into method calls on your objects.

See the Getting Started guide for further information.

How does it relate to Milton?

Geroa is independent from but similar to Milton. They can be easily used together to provide a rich and integrated user experience.

Who made it?

This open source java project is by Brad McEvoy . Please get in touch.